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Tame your events by organizing everything on the application. From creating and managing the events to managing little things like – custom notifications, sending car details to the guests for pick-up, you can do everything with the application. Simply use the eventlane magic spell and get all your tasks done.

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Plan An Event

Eventlane leaves no stone unturned when it comes to events! Birthdays, parties, weddings, formal events, or a concert, plan your event in the application. Let everyone know what’s so special about the event, who all are coming when the event is, and the entire itinerary with your guests.

Create an Invite

Everything has to be shared via messages or social media, so why not have an application that helps you create an online invitation. We’ve got 100s of templates that you can directly use to create an invite according to your category. Birthdays or weddings, we have fancy templates arranged for you.

Invite Amigos

Not just hosting an event, eventlane is all about covering the entire event. Notify your guests through the customized event invitation template. Simply input your details and voila the invite is ready to be sent.

Custom Notifications

Tring, tring! Send notifications to everyone attending the event through Eventlane. The application gives you an option to send customized notifications like - Haldi Party at 4, or a cocktail at 10, you can inform all your guests through the application.

Get Live Feeds

Pick the best date with the date poll, and even share the timeline. Keep the gaga going on via announcements and live feed. Share the entire event on the application so that your guests can engage and send reactions.

Our Categories

Every moment needs to be lived, and so, we have covered all the special events in our entertainment section. Live the moment with Eventlane



Being an event planner brings a lot of jobs and responsibilities on your shoulder; so why not take an extra shoulder from us! Eventlane allows you to create and manage all the tasks related to the entertainment section - Weddings, Birthdays, and Cocktails.



Organizing a corporate event is a task in itself. It has to be perfect, and absolutely no fault can be entertained. Being a planner, you have to keep track of everything - timelines, conference topics, invites, RSVPs, etc. And, all of these can be done flawlessly on Eventlane.



Planning a trip for your client? Well, it takes a lot - you have to tell them everything verbally. Flight details, bus details, hotel details, the itinerary for the day, etc., etc., the list goes on. So, download Eventlane and you can send customized notifications to your guests.

About Us

Eventlane is an application to make your event more smooth & flawless. Experience, share and connect on Eventlane. All you have to do is host an event and invite your friends and family to make the event – a legit gala. Know about the working by downloading the application; the application is available for both Android & iOS.

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