What Do We Do?

We Keep The FOMO Flies Away


Join the events even when your 9-5 is keeping you away, even if your boss didn’t give you the last-minute holiday permission. Connect with house parties, birthday parties, concerts, weddings, and all the important events virtually. Also, if you are present at the event, and missed an anecdote, you can find it in the gallery, as everyone will be sharing.


Share the happiness on the application. Eventlane allows you to share videos, photos, and even go live. FOMO isn’t in the dictionary once you download the application.


In this era of finding the right balance between work, life, and party, we are the lane you need. Connect with your peers on the application through the chat feature. Send emojis, express your emotions about the events.


Why not keep everyone in the loop for your special event! Eventlane allows you to create events and add people; this is how you can keep them updated with the timeline of events.

Eventlane Features To Make Your Event Grand & Happy

Plan & Host Event
Invite Friends
Customized Notifications
Edit Events
Create Invites from 100 Read-to-Use Templates
Dedicated event timeline
Connect Via Live Feeds & Photos
Go Live

About Us

Eventlane is an application to make your event more smooth & flawless. Experience, share and connect on Eventlane. All you have to do is host an event and invite your friends and family to make the event – a legit gala. Know about the working by downloading the application; the application is available for both Android & iOS.

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